Wild Girls
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             Sally and Jeanne were a pair of dirty girls I picked up at a bar. I told them I was a pornographer and they suggested we go back to my apartment so that they could be "stars". They seemed excited at the idea of stripping off their clothes and spanking each other's delicious asses so after I took them back to my place they got right to business. Within minutes these naughty  girls were punishing each other in ways that most people can only imagine. It felt almost taboo having them there and they could tell I was really enjoy watching them rub, carress and spank every curve of each other's bodies. Of course, I caught the whole experience on video tape so that I could share the most erotic lesbian spanking I have ever witnessed!

Teacher's Pet
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            Tory was a horny  18 year old cheerleader I met at a college football game last summer. We talked for a while and after a while we began to flirt. She told me she was such a naughty  girl and she needed to be punished SO badly. Naturally, I did my best to oblige her and we snuck away from the game to find a secluded classroom in. The spanking that followed got that bitch so fucking desperately horny that she begged me to let her beat my fuckmeat off all over her hand-imprinted butt cheeks. Spanking a horny college slut like her had got me pretty hot too, so I decided, as the ultimate humiliation to ejaculate all over that dirty cheerleader's tight, red, round, ass.

Fun Girls Experimenting
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             My girlfriend is a teacher at a local community college and she told me that one of her female students had expressed a crush on her. She asked me for advice on what she should do and I told her exactly what to do: Keep that  slut after class and punish the shit out of her. It took some convincing but I persuaded her to let me go down there with her and videotape the entire incident. I sat in on the detention and videotaped my girlfriend beat the shit out of the girl's bare ass, I could tell both of them really enjoyed it. My girlfriend dominated the shit out of that horny  college slut's ass, and before the detention was over, she'd left her ass red, swollen and stinging.

Pist Off Boyfriend
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             Shauna was a hot 23 year old redhead with one of the juiciest round asses I have ever seen. It looked so fucking good when I bent her over my knee that I just had to let my hand bounce up and down on her ass cheeks. They jiggled each time my palm impacted her butt cheeks and she flinched as every slap rang out in the room. Her nice round thong-clad ass got red real fast, and she got so fucking horny that before long she was plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy as my hands initiated an all out assault on her ass. After that she loved every second, she screamed and moaned as I beat her ass and she fucked herself, both of us enjoying the sights and sounds of the spanking.