Hispanic Spanking
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         Maria was a wicked  Hispanic girl, she was one of those girls who have an itch they just can't scratch. Luckily for her, I was there to scratch that naughty  girl's itch in the most perverted way. I spanked her hot  ass and taught this Spanish girl a lesson she so sorely needed. She had a pretty  red dress on so after I hiked it up, I bent that whore over and spanked her until she was red and raw. The funny thing was, at first she seemed to dislike it, but after a while she began to get in to it, positioning herself for me to give me nice easy access to that hot, tight, round ass of hers. I was like a kid in a candy store and I smacked her buttocks with such relentless momentum that she squealed every time my hand impacted her ass.

Glory Misbehaving
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           Glory was a 19 year old college slut from Wisconsin with ass cheeks so tight she could swallow coal and shit diamonds. She let me put her over my knee on my leather couch and give her the spanking of a life time. She'll never ever forget how good it felt to be over my knee because she screamed at the top of her fucking lungs while I slapped, squeezed and spanked her butt cheeks until they were nice and rosey. Her pussy lips swelled as I did it and I could tell the girl was really enjoying the spanking I was giving her, so I reached in between her legs and teased her juicy clit while she bent over in front of me. She didn't put up any resistance either, I could totally tell that nothing made this girl hornier than getting a nice, hard spanking.

Homework Incomplete
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        Joanna was an 18 year old cheerleader I met while subbing for a sick teacher at one of my local colleges. I could tell she liked me because she was deliberately acting mischievously throughout the entire class, then batting her eyelids at me coyly whenever I would point out her behavior. Finally I'd had enough, and decided to give her detention after class. As the rest of the students filed out I decided I would teach this hot  slut a lesson she'd never forget - so I bent her over one of the desks right there in the class room and smacked her cute  ass. I wasn't done there either, I picked up a nice long wooden ruler and smacked her ass repeatedly with it. She begged for more and I didn't stop until her ass was stinging red.

Girl Stealing Money
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       Andrea is one of those typical pent-up career women. She works in an office all day where she's a very successful administrator, and in charge of a lot of people. You can tell she has a high pressure job because she has this authority-like presence about her. The funny thing about people who are in control in their careers is that, they LOVE to be dominated in the bedroom. Find yourself a powerful woman and you can guarantee she'll want to be your bitch. That was exactly the case with Andrea, so I gave her exactly what she wanted - I bent her over and spanked the shit out of her delicious juicy round ass. She let me fidget with her in such perverted ways while I spanked that bitch too, it was fuckin awesome.